With Halloween having come and gone, I think we can officially say the 2017 Holiday Season is upon us! I will admit it, I am excited! (I think my love for the Thanksgiving and Christmas / Hanukkah season began during childhood growing up in the cold, snowy winters of Wisconsin…snowy Christmas mornings were beautiful and the absolute best!) However we feel about the approaching holidays, it is safe to say that many of us are well into our various holiday preparations – Thanksgiving menus, planning holiday parties (and holiday party outfits!), decorating the home, and diving into gift shopping. With all of that, we often find ourselves busy and stressed, so anything that can simplify the season is a good idea. This was exactly the reason for one of my organizational jobs this week – Organizing the Holiday Closet!

My client and I had dubbed a large closet in an extra guest bedroom as the “Holiday Closet”, as it is home to a large amount of holiday and celebration (birthdays, showers, etc.) gift wrapping supplies like boxes / bags, wrapping and tissue paper, and ribbon and bows, as well as any Christmas gifts purchased during the year. Given the generous size of the closet, other items are also stored there…basically the various household items we all have and occasionally need (thus have to keep!), like extra dining chairs, unhung art pieces, old family photos, etc. As you can see from the photos below, the closet had become a bit disorganized along the way, so a quick organizing session was in order!
Before 1  Before 2
Before 3  Before 4
The tools / supplies I used in working through the closet were extremely basic: large contractor bags for anything deemed garbage; my clients’ existing storage bins (always a bonus when we do not have to purchase new storage containers!); and my handle label maker…pretty simple right!?! While the job initially appeared quite daunting, and even had my client apologizing to me (by the way no one should EVER feel the need to apologize for a disorganized space!), once we dug in it was easy to make quick decisions (toss vs. keep) and the process moved right along. After removing most of the items from the closet, taking a quick inventory or what it was, removing any obvious items that were trash / recyclables from the workspace (good best practice!) and re-homing items that could be logically stored elsewhere, I designated specific containers for the primary category of items and got to sorting! Storage containers were labeled clearly – Xmas Gift Bags, B-Day Gift Bags, Gift Tags, Ribbons, Xmas Gifts, etc.

One thing I wanted to quickly point out, this particular closet has an extremely storage-friendly characteristic – significant space to store vertically. While it sounds simple, this is an organizing principal we sometimes miss, as we tend to notice more opportunities for space usage on the floor than toward the ceiling. While the Holiday Closet already had shelves in place, there are tons of products available to purchase and easily install (many quite affordable) in order to take advantage of any open vertical storage space throughout the home.

After 1  After 2
After 3  After 4

Upon completion, my client was pleased and even somewhat relieved…and I believe I left her with a happy husband as well! This project was another one that might have initially felt overwhelming, but just as I usually find, actually deciding to start is the biggest hurdle!

As always, thank you for being here, and enjoy the early days of the 2017 Holiday Season and I’ll talk to you soon!


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