Like most women, I absolutely LOVE jewelry…and that includes my fashion (or “costume”) jewelry pieces worn to add that extra punch of fun, color or style to an outfit.  While certain pieces of fine jewelry are highly wearable and therefore often not taken off, fashion jewelry tends to be more specific, and therefore rotated frequently.  I have a collection of fashion jewelry I certainly love, however have often found myself guilty of rarely, if ever, wearing certain pieces because I just never saw them!  Identifying a functional, practical and visually attractive storage system of fashion pieces has historically challenged me, so I recently became determined to find a jewelry storage solution that truly worked!  

Being somewhat addicted to organization, I was always meticulous and tidy with my costume jewelry, but it always entailed carefully putting each piece in the appropriate jewelry bag…and storing it somewhere I NEVER saw, and therefore, hardly wore.  In my quest, I saw tons of adorable, creative ideas on Pinterest and other sites, however the vast majority were “DIY”, and I will freely admit that I was not blessed with much (read: “not blessed with ANY”) crafting abilities…at all.  While I appreciated and admired these ideas, I knew I would not realistically sit down and re-create them.  So, I embarked on a few quick shopping trips, seeking storage solutions that were easily accessible, relatively compact, functional and protective (from tangling, etc.), and, of course, decorative, modern and chic.

First, I fell in love with these decorative, compact jewelry stands which have found a permanent home on the corner of my dresser.  They work perfectly for shorter necklaces and chokers, bracelets and cuffs, watches and even earrings.  Also, the small trays beneath the racks are perfect for cocktail rings (and those tiny earring backs which I somehow always lose)!  I love their stylish vibe and, as a bonus, they match the metallic color scheme of my other bedroom furniture.

Stand Photo 1 copy Stand Photo 2 copy

Next, I found this adorable jewelry stand, which is perfect for slightly longer necklaces.  I have placed it on one of my nightstands, but have seen similar pieces hung on the wall…it would be a perfectly chic addition to a gallery wall as well!  (Gallery walls are another of my home décor loves, as they are a fabulous way to showcase your favorite photographs, art pieces and illustrations and can really transform a room…but that is a discussion for another day!)  I love the message on this piece… “Don’t Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle!”

Stand Photo 3 copy

Inevitably, I had to find additional solutions that did not require dresser top space, and decided that storing pieces in my walk-in closet would still ensure that I see it often.  I purchased jewelry drawer inserts, and placed them side-by-side on one of the shelves inside the walk-in.  There are tons of great options / configurations available, and even some are customizable.  Mine are quite simple with equally sized compartments, but have found myself stashing tons of different types of baubles in each.  For earrings, I went with a hanging organizer…and I am actually amazed that I do not already have one!  It is wonderful!  In addition to its slim design, the pockets are sizable enough to contain virtually any size earring, and the clear design make it super simple to scan quickly and easily find what you are looking for.  (I had to buy the version shaped like an LBD, of course!  Sorry about the stock photo!)  I highly recommend for anyone who has the closet space!

Tray Photo 4 copy Stock Hanging Photo 5 copy

I hope these pieces have given you a few easy ideas and a bit of inspiration!  I am finding myself reaching for items that I basically forgot I owned, and actually wearing the majority of my pieces.  So, happy jewelry organizing and do not forget to wear all of your favorite beautiful baubles!   




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